Client objectives and their target audience needs are the two elements that combine to drive our research and planning teams to develop effective digital strategies that engineer measurable business impact.
Every project needs a sound strategy, and ever strategy starts with solid research.
We start by understanding you, we dive deep to understand what makes you tick. Once we understand this, we move on to the next factor that influences every project, the marketplace. Answering questions such as who are your audience? and what is your relationship?
When we feel like we understand the project at hand, we will again dissect it internally and externally to ensure the proposed way forward is the right one for you.


An idea is worthless if it is not on strategy. That’s why all of our work is driven by our strategic thinking. And once we know our ideas are on brief we apply rigorous creative direction to make sure it stays that way.


Website’s are sophisticated entities. They need to be focused as much on target users as your own business. Our user experience team use every tool at their disposal to make sure every website we audit do exactly what you want them to, and create engaging experiences for users.


In todays world when customers want to find out about something, they Google it. If they cannot find the answer or relevant information easily, they move on quickly. Now more than ever it matters not just what content you display but how you display it online. RAW’s team will ensure your content always meets your business goals.
RAW’s content team are adept



We are committed to designing world-class websites and apps. Key to our success is ensuring that design, customer journey and content delivery work hand in hand. Therefore we place a lot of importance on our tried and tested processes, which allow RAW to deliver inspiring designs time and time again.


The best digital campaigns start with a clear, simple thought, this simple mantra is how our team of digital evangelists, motion graphics artists and conceptual animators create award-winning digital campaigns that return impressive results each and every time.


Content, Content, Content, it is the mainstay of every single project we undertake, yet the one that is most overlooked by our customers. Luckily the team at raw is adept at creating exceptional content that will engage your audience.
Whether you need a single page of copy, or a 120 second video, all our content has one thing in common, it is beautiful.


With hundreds to choose from, and very little clear differentiation to the layperson let RAW help guide you through the most suitable technology for your purpose.
Our team of experienced digital technologists will ensure the CMS we select for your project will meet its needs absolutely.


If your looking to sell your wares online, large or small online shops offer up a plethora of options. Choosing between platforms is hard enough, without having to worry about PCI compliance or commission charged by different payment gateways. Not to mention how you are going to tie your online site to your current POS or warehouse system.
RAW’s expertise in e-commerce is a welcome refuge for our clients. We are able to hold your hand all the way through the process ensuring you a stress free foray into the world of online selling.


We don’t just mean mobile apps, which seem to be the in thing, yes we do them and we do them well, but apps come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, from facebook apps to web apps and everything in between our team have been building them for a combined total of over 50 years. Thats a lot longer than Apple’s app store.
Mobile is current, its in demand, and it cannot be ignored. Mobile apps are not the only way to ensure you stay current. RAW knows what makes a good app, and what justifies a mobile website instead. We will asses your requirements and make a judgement that hits your business goals precisely.



Once you have a live campaign or site, it must be measured, analysed and improved constantly to keep you competitive. Analytics form the corner stone of this process.


When looking for something, the Internet is most people’s go-to space nowadays. For almost everything.

Whether searching for information, a product or recommendations, people look at a screen – a mobile, laptop or tablet, or at times, all three – and type in what they’re looking for. It’s our job to make sure our clients are popping up for relevant searches above their competitors in search engine results pages. And of course, to act ethically at all times.

The relationship between search marketing and social media strategies is going strong. It’s a beautiful thing really. Our teams collaborate on a daily basis to plan, manage and measure the performance of both search and social strategies.

We’ll share keyword research with our community and social media managers in planning campaigns and social listening activities. And likewise our social experts share social data with our search team to inform future content marketing strategies, making sure clients are planning to produce content that their target audience is interested in, is searching for, and will more likely share with their communities

Social shares are hugely important to search rankings. Put simply, by sharing, people show that they think our clients’ content is interesting, informative, engaging. They dig it, and dig our clients. Social shares demonstrate quality content, relevancy and authority. Search engines love this type of affirmation from social communities as much as we do, and reward websites by lifting them up the search engine results pages.


Before we kick off any campaign, we’ll analyse the search market, benchmark our clients and their competitors, and estimate costs and KPIs. A thorough planning process enables us to devise a strategy to give our clients the best value for their investment and the greatest returns. By communicating our findings to clients, our approach ensures that we’re working from the same page and expectations are fully understood from the very beginning.


With the correct strategic planning and management, the opportunities are endless. Social media communications can build brand awareness, nurture and grow communities, or boost sales, if that’s what the client wants.

Our social media offering is strong. Not only do we benefit from having in house creative and technical departments on hand, but we’re Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn account managed. We’re privileged in that sense. Being able to offer a full social media service backed up by those with creative talents and technical know-how, while being treated to support and access to relevant beta releases from the most popular social networks of our time.


Social media advertising must accommodate brands aiming to connect with target consumers, and consumers who are keen to interact with brands in a certain way: at a time that suits them, without interfering with their experiences. It’s an extremely delicate discipline, a craft really. Our dedicated team finds it exhilarating, and hugely rewarding.


We talk about the “always on” consumer now, and it’s true. People are increasingly connected, and swapping devices and channels at various points throughout the day. We’ve become demanding. We want personalised communications with relevant messages.


Helping our clients build strong, long lasting relationships with their customers and stakeholders. That’s the way we think about email marketing. And we consider it a crucial part of any communications strategy.

Our Email marketing is scalable and full service, drawing on the expertise of our creative and design teams, not to mention our content and copywriting maestros, and managed throughout by our experienced digital marketing and account management team. Our clients receive the full service.

Gone are the days of one size fits all, blanket Email marketing. And thank goodness for that. The main focus of Email marketing is the recipient. People are looking for relevant, personalised messages in their inbox, and that’s what makes the difference between a client making a meaningful connection with their target audience, and an email going straight to trash.

The strategy is defined by main objectives, and we’ll work with our clients to identify main aims, requirements and target audience. Selecting the most appropriate package from an extensive list, we’ll take the brief to the creative team, and if we’re being really fancy the devs, to work their magic on the template and creative content.

By carrying out split testing, mailing list hygiene and unsubscribe rules, our team makes sure clients’ communications are as effective as possible.

Our Email marketing service approach works for single email delivery, or enterprise scale email solutions, it’s the attention to detail that matters, and the results, of course.

It is far more difficult to be simple than to be complicated; far more difficult to sacrifice skill and easy execution in the proper place, than to expand both indiscriminately.